How making the switch made the biggest difference for me, my co-workers and our patients!

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As a third-generation dental technician, my passion is to provide patients with removable prosthetics that esthetically and functionally replicate nature. When patients smile for the first time, it’s the life-like characteristics of the denture teeth that are the most visible for them and the focal point for gauging whether we have met their esthetic expectations.

That’s why I strive to use the best materials on the market to achieve my goal and the goal of my patients.

Over the past 14 years of waxing and setting denture teeth, I have used multiple brands of denture teeth in a wide variety of price points. Recently, due to shortages and back orders for the denture teeth we had been using, we switched to using Ivoclar Vivadent’s BlueLine® denture teeth. I could not be happier with the change. The easy-to-use conversion chart on the back of the mold guide made the switch much easier than I thought it would be. The tooth molds allow selecting a denture tooth that not only complements the personality of each patient but also offers tooth shapes and characteristics that are realistic and life-like. And the posterior teeth flow together in a way that even a beginner could complete a denture setup in no time.

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However, it is the patients’ ecstatic reaction to their new smile that has confirmed I made the right decision. I realize now that I could make the most beautiful, detailed wax-up possible, but it's the teeth that make the difference and patients are noticing and appreciating the life-like appearance of their denture teeth. My dentist is taking notice too. In conversations concerning the switch to BlueLine denture teeth, he agrees that these are superior teeth that create a more solid functional bite while exceeding expectations in terms of esthetics. I’ve even tested my decision to switch by giving patients the choice of teeth from leftover stock from my previous supplier versus the BlueLine teeth and they choose the BlueLine mould every time.

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Even my dental assistants are now sharing with me the excitement of patients at delivery of their final denture. This has sealed the deal that switching over was the right choice to make. I have to say that Ivoclar's denture teeth are hands down my favorite to create smiles with. Processing dentures with with SR IvoBase heat-injected acrylic and BlueLine teeth gives the patient the total package of quality and reliability.

I also appreciate the support of the Ivoclar team. They have been quick to answer all my questions and give me any help I’ve needed. I've never been more proud in the work I'm producing and only wish we had switched sooner!

Now that we are going to be processing more implant cases I will be using Ivoclar products from start to finish. Ivoclar is an extraordinary company made up of amazing people who make you feel more like family than just another technician using their products. I want the best for my patients and it's clear to me that the Ivoclar team has my same vision in mind. 

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Jenelle Tabakovic

Aspen Dental, South Bend, IN

14 Years of being a Dental Technician
3rd Generation Technician


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