You say you want to increase your production in 2014 and create a niche practice that will stand alone from all of the other practices in your area? Top consultants, practice management gurus and even organizations recommend that dentists map out their continuing education plans and goals in the beginning of the year. Likewise, the New Year often brings out the business man/woman in all of us to budget the years marketing expenses. If your goals are to add more procedures to your existing patient pool, become more predictable in a procedure that many dentists dislike and to invest a little money marketing in an area very few dentists target- then I challenge you to revisit the art of removable prosthodontics.

hate love dentures

It is estimated that 23 million people in the U.S. are fully edentulous, while an additional 15 million are edentulous in one arch. Currently, that is an estimated 61 million complete dentures in the U.S.  If 10 percent of these patients have a new denture/dentures fabricated each year and the average dentist charges $1,400 per denture, this results in an estimated 8.5 billion dollars being spent each year on full dentures. Still think dentures are dead? Consider the fact that the average gross of all Hollywood movies in one year is approximatly 9 billion dollars, does targeting full denture patients now seem more worthwile?

I know what you are saying, "But John, I hate fabricating dentures! The unpredictable fit returned from the lab, the neverending adjustment appointments and, quite frankly, the aesthetics are marginal at best." In reply, I ask you, besides dental school, what advanced training in removable prosthodontics have you had? Grab a cup of coffee, turn off the TV- lets get ready to love dentures!

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