The life of a dental professional is hectic enough without overly complicated processes to get the materials you love. With that in mind, we’ve introduced a new website built on features that make it easier for you to Explore, Shop and Learn.

Our enhanced website combines ease of navigation with an abundance of resources so that you can achieve your aims as efficiently as possible. It’s an online experience where you can go to enrich your professional mindset and acquire the tools to succeed in all aspects of your career.

Explore Products That Suit Your Goals

You need products that you’ve personally vetted and trust. That’s why we’ve developed optimized search and navigation abilities so that you can find what you need as quickly as possible. Our navigation system puts clear information at your fingertips.

We’ve also added improved multimedia information that expands your understanding of the features and benefits of our products. This includes new images, videos, a resource center and product comparison charts. You’ll have a better picture of how your product purchases will make a positive difference for you, your team and ultimately your patients.

Shop Smoothly and Easily

Our new shopping features will decrease the amount of thought you devote to ordering products. This way, you can put your brainpower to patients instead.

You’ll find seamless order integration with your preferred dealers and convenient order processing. The dealer integration platform takes the stress away by linking your orders directly with your dealer of choice. For US residents, there is also a personalized service option that connects you with live chat operators.

Manage your account better with features such as ‘My Favorites’ list, Online Order History and more.

Learn From the Community

Some of the most exciting features we’ve integrated are the ones devised to support your career fulfillment. On the website, you’ll have access to clinical tips showcasing problem solving solutions and the larger Ivoclar Vivadent doctor community where you can stay connected through our social media and blog. You can even register for one of our hands-on education programs.

We want to create value for you in addition to ensuring the highest quality of our products. Our new website is a place you can go to encounter familiar stories, inspiring ideas and motivation for getting the most out of the materials you prefer.

Passion and innovation should translate to online platforms. We can’t wait to hear how you’re using our new website to boost your experience of dentistry!

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What features of our website will make your work life easier?