If you ask a dental technician about their perspective of an ideal ceramic glaze, they describe a variety of features.

  • They would like the glaze paste to maintain a stable consistency from the first to the last quantity that they use
  • The glaze should be easy to both dilute and apply to the restoration - and this should be possible on any ceramic
  • The firing process should be identical for as many ceramic materials as possible and firing should be very quick
  • The fired restorations should demonstrate a homogeneous glossy surface, achieved in a single firing cycle, and an unchanged tooth shade

Ivoclar Vivadent listened to the technician needs, and developed the all new IPS Ivocolor Glaze to meet theses needs.

Newly developed formulation

17.IPS_Ivocolor_Glaze_1IPS Ivocolor Glaze is a newly developed glazing material that is compatible with the entire range of ceramic materials from Ivoclar Vivadent. The glazes are available in a powder and paste delivery form to meet the preferences of the individual user. The glaze pastes contain organic components that ensure high storage stability in addition they can be easily mixed and diluted. The new glazes feature a low glass transition point, allowing high-gloss firing results to be achieved at temperatures as low as 710 °C. The newly developed organic structure results in fired restorations free of white or grey discoloring.



17.IPS_Ivocolor_Glaze_2Handling properties: stable even when highly diluted

Processing allows users to take advantage of a convenient new characteristic: Given their thixotropic properties, the glaze pastes can be evenly applied in a masking coating; they are stable even if they have been highly diluted and do not drip off the restoration. If the glazes are not highly diluted, surface details can be created during application of the glaze layer. The glazes, in the powder delivery form, can be mixed with IPS Ivocolor Mixing Liquid allround or longlife to achieve a consistency that allows the application of an even, masking coat, similar to pastes. The glaze powders are particularly recommended if the texture incorporated into the ceramic layers should be maintained and the aim is to achieve a combination of inherent gloss and glaze.

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