Ease-of-use is at the center of the Ivotion Denture System’s highly efficient digital scan, design, and mill workflow.

Bill Barton MBA, BS, CDT, TE, Senior Technical Consultant Ivoclar Vivadent guides you step-by-step through the exclusive integrated Ivotion 3Shape CAD scan and design steps to generating the CAM output for the PrograMill. Gain valuable insights on the Ivotion monolithic single disc milling solution and its unique shell geometry that combines premium denture base material with PMMA cross-linked tooth material in a single bi-colored milling disc. 

Watch below as Bill demonstrates and provides tips on the importance of proper CAD placement of the tooth and gingival design within the disc’s unique shell geometry, using the Ivotion template imbedded within the special tooth library, for achieving the proper gingival transition from tooth to base material for a highly functional and esthetic final removable prosthetic. Learn how CAD and CAM functions are correlated to work together for seamless generation of the CAD design in the milling disk, eliminating the need for manual editing.Ivotion_Denture_SoftwareIvotion Button

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The Ivotion Disc CAD and CAM instructional videos goes step-by-step through the unique 3Shape denture design module and the highly efficient PrograMill CAM. Though the CAD steps from scan to generating the CAM output remain virtually the same as existing denture workflows, in the Ivotion design, viewers will gain a valuable understanding of the innovative shell geometry pertaining to tooth and gingiva placement. The Ivotion template imbedded within the special tooth library provides an easy to follow guide ensuring the proper gingival transition from tooth to base is achieved.   The technician can easily see discrepancies in their design. For example, the pink base showing through the top of the template in to the tooth shaded portion of the disc.   If the area is not adjusted to be below the template the result will be a white spot and not pink in the final milled denture.  


Regarding the PrograMill CAM software, viewers will come to appreciate the ease of use and efficiencies gained by having a correlated CAD & CAM process. Specifically, when the Ivoclar Ivotion material is selected in the 3Shape order, the CAM output generated already has the denture's position already in the disk.

There is no need to edit the position in the PrograMill CAM, only place holder bars and calculate the mill paths…it's that easy!


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The Ivotion Series is a 6 piece series throughout the month of September; A Compilation of resources, education, success stories and information all pertaining to the new Ivotion Monolithic Denture System. Stay tuned for more excitement to come!

Bill Barton

Bill Barton, MBA/MM, BS, CDT, TE.
Senior Technical Consultant, North America

Bill Barton, MBA (MM), BS, CDT, TE is the Senior Technical Consultant for Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. Bill is a dental laboratory technician, manager and educator with over 38 years’ experience in the industry. He served 25 years in the United States Air Force prior to joining the Ivoclar Vivadent Technical & Digital Services Department in 2009. His extensive technical background includes experience in all phases of fixed and removable prosthodontics. Bill’s role is to provide unsurpassed customer support, lead training & education programs at Ivoclar Vivadent's International Centers for Dental Education, and perform in-depth product testing.