Live webinar was hosted on April, 23, 2020 through Ivoclar Academy.

Ivotion Digital Denture System revolutionizes and transforms the digital manufacture of highly esthetic complete removable dentures with its single bi-colored Ivotion monolithic disc concept. Combining proven high-quality tooth and denture base materials in a single bi-color milling disc, Ivotion offers laboratories a truly efficient and predictable milling solution that results in patient-specific functional dentures with life-like esthetics and unparalleled strength. One disc. One milling process. One denture.

Join Eric Kukucka, DD, The Denture Center in Ontario, Canada and Rune Fisker Vice President of Product Strategy 3Shape, and Thomas Doblander, ICDE Schaan, Liechtenstein in this exclusive Ivoclar Academy webinar “Ivotion—The Technology That’s Disrupting Digital Dentures” as they discuss all aspects of digital denture technology including the new Ivotion milling disc.

eric kukucka

Eric Kukucka, DD


Thomas Doblander

rune frisker_sized

Rune Fisker

Ivotion storyboard d1.002You will Learn:

  • 3Shape’s scan and design systems for digital denture excellence
  • Ivotion’s disc concept from materials to manufacturing
  • First-hand from Ivotion case studies the results that can be achieved.


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The Ivotion discs are now available in North America and can be ordered through your
Ivoclar Vivadent representative! 


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The Ivotion Series is a 6 piece series throughout the month of September; A Compilation of resources, education, success stories and information all pertaining to the new Ivotion Monolithic Denture System. Stay tuned for more excitement to come!