Steve Hatch, owner of Hatch Dental Laboratory in Montrose, CO, specializes in removable prosthetics. He is a true craftsman who takes pride in delivering consistently high quality, natural life-like dentures to his clients. But the consistency, high quality, and reliability he prized came at a price when using analog processes. He often found himself working nights and weekends in the laboratory at the expense of his family. That is, until he attended the 2018 International Digital Denture Symposium in Phoenix, AZ. There, he witnessed Ivoclar Vivadent’s PM7 CAM machine milling the Ivotion monolithic milling disc that combines premium denture base and high-quality PMMA tooth materials in a single disc to produce one complete arch in a single uninterrupted milling process.

20190823_140200The PrograMill PM7 at Hatch Dental Laboratory, Montrose CO

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Hatch describes how he transformed his laboratory from analog to digital
and grew his business threefold using the Ivotion Digital Denture System,
allowing him more time at home with his wife and beautiful daughters:



The Ivotion discs are now available in North America and can be ordered through your Ivoclar Vivadent representative! 

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The Ivotion Series is a 6 piece series throughout the month of September; A Compilation of resources, education, success stories and information all pertaining to the new Ivotion Monolithic Denture System. Stay tuned for more excitement to come!