The revolutionary Ivotion monolithic digital denture milling disc offers laboratories seamless and efficient production of high quality, highly esthetic removable upper and lower dentures in a single uninterrupted milling process. Combining proven high-quality PMMA cross-linked tooth material with a premium denture base material in a single bicolored milling disc, Ivotion provides a fast and predictable monolithic milling solution that eliminates the time-consuming manual tooth-bonding process.

At the heart of the Ivotion monolithic solution is the revolutionary Shell Geometry technology. Based on data gathered from a wide range of time-tested complete denture cases, the Shell Geometry’s three-dimensional dental arch structure defines the transition between the tooth and base sections of the milling disc for a stress-free, high-strength, homogeneous transition.

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Using the exclusive and intuitive Ivotion CAD design process integrated into the 3Shape Dental System 2020 CAD software, the digital denture workflow allows full patient-specific customization of the removable prosthetic to meet patient needs. The Ivotion tooth library and coordinated Shell Geometry offer CAD design strategies for a wide range of jaw shapes and sizes and the ability to customize and morph individual teeth. Milling the denture in the PrograMill milling unit is a single uninterrupted process that produces a denture requiring only polishing before delivery.

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Learn more about Ivotion disc and its unique Shell Geometry
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The Ivotion discs are now available in North America and can be ordered through your
Ivoclar Vivadent representative! 


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The Ivotion Series is a 6 piece series throughout the month of September; A Compilation of resources, education, success stories and information all pertaining to the new Ivotion Monolithic Denture System. Stay tuned for more excitement to come!