by Dr. George Tysowsky, Senior VP of Technology, Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

For over 10 years, laboratories, dentists and patients have benefited from the dependable strength of top restorative material IPS e.max® when using it to create everything from veneers, inlays, onlays and crowns to bridges and implant abutments. Tests now confirm its position as a premier material for indirect restorations.


Here are the details of our strength value testing and the new programs you can take advantage of:

Top Restorative Material IPS e.max: Looking to the Future of Dependable Strength

Confirmation of IPS e.max’s Strength Values

In the past, it was stated that IPS e.max Lithium Disilicate had a minimum design specification biaxial flexural strength of 360MPa. We’re proud of this value, but we’re even prouder now to showcase what over 10 years and thousands of batches produced and tested have confirmed:

IPS e.max Lithium Disilicate produces an average biaxial flexural strength of 500MPa.


What does this confirmation of IPS e.max as a top restorative material mean for you?

It means that we can now recommend as little as 1.0mm of material thickness for IPS e.max minimally invasive restorations when adhesively cemented. That’s a great number to be able to depend on. But this validation of IPS e.max’s remarkable success rates isn’t the only thrilling recommendation we have for you today.


Ivocolor Ceramic Characterization IPS Ivocolor Ceramic Characterization


Esthetic Options Improvements for Depth and Realism

Because of our commitment to quality and advancement, we’ve made improvements in the esthetic options available for IPS e.max with the recently introduced IPS Ivocolor universal shade and stain system.

The IPS e.max system is strong, beautiful and now even more efficient to produce. We hope you’ll continue to find improved predictability and quality in all your restorative needs with Ivoclar Vivadent’s trusted restorative material.

How have you benefitted from IPS e.max’s strength over the years? We’d love to hear from you!

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