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The world speaks e.max and has been for more than 15 years. Over 150 million restorations¹ have been fabricated with this all-ceramic system since 2005. The material's survival rate is above 96 percent². Dental technicians and dentists all over the world love it. Why do they like this material so much? Dr David Rice, DDS, (USA) puts it in a nutshell:

For me when I talk to patients about materials, it’s a really simple conversation. It’s about what would I have in my mouth and what would I put in my family’s mouth

IPS e.max – a decision you can trust

The long history of success of IPS e.max reinforces the trust from the patient to the clinician. Dentists choose IPS e.max because they prefer to treat their patients with a reliable, highly esthetic and clinically proven material.

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Survey in the USA

Dr David Rice is one of the many dedicated IPS e.max users. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), which has conducted a survey. The results confirmed the great popularity of IPS e.max. In its survey, the AACD asked its members: “What materials would you put in your mouth?” The results showed that IPS e.max is the #1 choice for 84 percent of the people surveyed.

A total quality experience

As a manufacturer of innovative materials and product system for esthetic dentistry, Ivoclar Vivadent takes pride in delivering a total quality experience that consistently exceeds the expectations of dental technicians, dentists and patients.

IPS e.max Survival Rates
Clinical studies involving the IPS e.max show the long-term success. View the scientific report for full details.

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Your trust; our promise

That is why we offer your dentist-dental technician team a 10-year guarantee on newly placed IPS e.max restorations. The IPS e.max guarantee is valid from 1 July 2020 and also applies retroactively for five years for dental restorations that were permanently placed on 1 July 2015 or later. The IPS e.max guarantee gives you additional confidence and peace of mind.

To learn more about the IPS e.max Guarantee,
visit www.guarantee.ipsemax.com

We have complete confidence in IPS e.max! We would like to share this confidence with you and give you peace of mind when you use this product! The ten years can be extended to 12 years if you register here*.

This post was originally written for the Schaan blog on September 24, 2020

[1] Based on Ivoclar Vivadent sales figures
[2] Ivoclar Vivadent, Scientific Report IPS e.max Vol.3, 2018; Fasbinder D J. et.al, Study Report, University of Michigan 2017
* Please see the conditions of the 10 + 2 year guarantee at guarantee.ipsemax.com