Patient and Dentist

Empower your patients to take an active role in a shared decision-making process by providing them with the educational tools they need to make an informed decision about their dental health. Although patients have access to myriad online dental information resources, a recent study estimated 84% of patients prefer to be educated by their healthcare provider1, a signal that personalized patient education and communication are the keys to building patient-centered care and trust in the dentist-patient relationship.



In the spirit of helping you educate your patients about removable prosthetics, Ivoclar Vivadent developed this free Smile—It’s More Than a Denture Patient Kit. Designed to boost patient awareness about removable prosthetic options, processes and the life-like prosthetic results that can be achieved, it serves as a starting point in the waiting room, in the operatory and as a take-home education tool to begin and continue the conversation. Remember, it is estimated that roughly 85% of case acceptance directly stems from dentists’ ability to relate to their patients.2



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