As a dental technician specializing in complete dentures, selecting the right denture teeth for restoring a fully or partially edentulous patient is critical to delivering a highly esthetic and functional removable prosthetic. Not only must we select a denture tooth that allows us the ability to match the age-appropriate tooth shade prescribed, but also a denture tooth that accounts for the individual patient’s natural facial proportions and the anatomical form of the gingiva. Whether restoring a complete denture, hybrid, over-denture or combination case, denture tooth selection is a critical decision that will determine the best outcome of the final prosthetic in terms of durability, functionality, and esthetics.


When choosing a suitable tooth mold to restore a case, I carefully consider the anatomical shape and surface of the denture teeth. The translucency of the incisal edges, the degree of the cuspidation, and resistance to the wear are all crucial considerations for the fabrication of a dental prosthetic that replicates the surface texture and shape of natural dentition and allows the delivery of removable prosthetics of the highest level of quality.

My years of technical experience and expertise have taught me that Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth offer you all this and more. The similarities between Ivoclar denture teeth and natural teeth are easily visible to the meticulous eye of a dental technician. The life-like tooth molds with anatomically designed facial and palatal surfaces convey the impression of natural teeth and give us the assurance that we are replacing a missing part of the patient’s body with the closest product on the market that can deliver life-like esthetics and function.


Each specific case requires an analysis of tooth shape, form and occlusal degree to avoid future problems such as tooth breakage, tooth wear, lack of functionality, and poor appearance. The degree of occlusal surfaces of Ivoclar denture teeth allows you to properly achieve functional denture tooth arrangements by reproducing the anatomical natural movements of protrusive, lateral, unilateral and bilateral occlusion to achieve fully balanced occlusal schemes. 


The peace of mind you get knowing that you are delivering a removable prosthetic that blends naturally in the mouth with denture teeth that mimic the shape, form and characteristics of natural teeth is the most rewarding feeling you can get.  When the final denture is delivered and the patient’s response is a big natural life-like smile, you know that Ivoclar denture teeth were critical to meeting the esthetic expectations of your client and most importantly those of the patient.

I choose Ivoclar denture teeth for all my cases because they elevate my work to the highest level of esthetics and functionality by providing life-like denture teeth that mimic the beauty and symmetry of natural teeth. 

Josef Kolbeck CDT


Change is never easy, but when it comes to Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth, it can be. We are here to help you through this transition and provide you with comparable, high-quality options to choose from.

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KolbeckJosef Kolbeck, CDT 

A Dental Technician with over 18 years of experience in the dental laboratory industry, Certified in Complete Dentures, committed to collaborate with the dental laboratory community by sharing his passion of what he do and by developing new techniques and tools to improve the laboratory techniques.

Inventor of The OMP Concept, that includes a OMP tool wish is an Occlusal Measurement Plane used on a series of steps to properly fabricate and measure occlusal rims and setting of denture teeth in complete dentures.

Also inventor of “Phi” The Golden Proportion Tool-Guide, a template that connects the art of the symmetry with the dental laboratory restorations.