Full dentures are not all the same. There are great differences in quality, esthetics, individuality and function. And subsequently, there are also differences in price and potential. The following report gives you an insight into the diverse methods available for producing full dentures. Find out which method appeals most to you.

tooth banner-1Originally published on June 20, 2019 on the Ivoclar Vivadent Global Blog website.

Full denture or and individually designed dental restoration?

What are the differences between a conventional full denture and an individually designed dental restoration? Here, we will show you three alternative levels of esthetics:

1.) The basics: the conventional full denture

Standard denture, made with teeth of a low price segment, an uncomplicated tooth set-up and simple prosthetic base. The advantages:

  • minimal effort,
  • good quality,
  • a suitable standard solution for your price-conscious patients.

2.) Can you offer a little bit more? Partially-individualized full denture

Partially individualized denture with high-quality teeth, an individualized tooth set-up and simple prosthetic base. The advantage:

  • a little bit more effort than the standard solution, which increases the value considerably.

Try it! It’s worth it.


3.) The supreme: fully individualized full denture for the highest demands

2016-11-10 4-34-19 PMFully individualized denture with high-quality teeth, an individualized tooth set-up and characterized gingiva. Important information:

  • this method requires expert technical knowledge, attention to detail, skill in creating individual solutions and costs time and money.
  • many patients are willing to pay a little more for their dentures, when you present them with the choices.

In addition: All three levels of quality can be made using alternative production methods. There are now also digital solutions that allow you to achieve outstanding results.


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What do you want, what does the patient want?

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Last but not least, we have two tips for you to find out what you want as a dental technician and what the patients want (click above to receive a Free Patient education kit!): 

Tip 1: This is how you can decide which approach is best suited to you

Ask yourself these questions to find the appropriate approach for you:

  • What business model am I pursuing?
  • What are my objectives and expectations?
  • Do I want to offer standard solutions or rather individual solutions to differentiate myself?

Tip 2: This is how to find out what patients want

To find out what your patients want, fabricate an exhibition example of all three presented variations for your dentist. This will allow the dentist to show their patients how a result would look like and what are the differences between these variations. On the one hand, this service will make patient consultation easier for dentists; on the other hand, patients will have a better understanding on how their individual solution should look like and take a grounded decision. All parties involved will appreciate it and benefit from it!

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