Deep CavityYou can wave goodbye to the days of limited efficiency and poor esthetics when restoring deep cavities. Revamp your posterior restorations by utilizing the following bulk-fill technique. You’ll never have to stress over inadequate results again.

Never Compromise on Esthetics in Your Restorations

Your number one doubt when restoring deep cavities is likely: How can I match the shade of the restoration as closely as possible to my patient’s tooth shade? You can create a seamless blend by instituting the two-layer bulk fill technique. Conceal with a more opaque material and cap with a sculptable composite.

Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill becomes less translucent as it polymerizes concealing discolored dentin. You are then able to cover it with Tetric EvoCeram (which is available in 14 enamel shades). You and your patient will be happy to see the life-like results.

You only need 4mm of self-leveling flowable and ten seconds of curing time to proceed to a capping layer of enamel-like translucency and natural esthetics. This speed is guaranteed by Ivocerin®, a patented photo initiator technology that is ten times more reactive than traditional light initiators.

Bulk-Fill to Save Time and Create Exquisite Results

A bulk-fill material is the way to go when it comes to particularly deep cavities. With Tetric® Evo Line materials like Tetric EvoFlow® Bulk Fill and Tetric EvoCeram® Bulk Fill, you can save time on tricky restorations.

The main advantage of Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill is the ability to apply and light cure it in increments of up to 4mm. This is beneficial for increasing efficiency. With Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill, you can also take advantage of the flowable and self-leveling viscosity. Before, you may have found it near impossible to reach difficult areas. The flow properties remove this problem from the equation. This bulk fill replaces dentin tooth structure while matching its opacity.

This combination of technology will make your restorations better than ever.

How will you benefit from the advantages of this bulk-fill technique? Share your thoughts with us below.


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