Why Ongoing Education Matters to this Ivoclar Vivadent Employee

25 April 2018

by Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

Janele Ray’s job at Ivoclar Vivadent enables her to support and strengthen our company culture, which translates to even better products.

Janele’s Story of Education and Interpersonal Relationships

Janele is an Associate Manager of Corporate Education, which basically means she is our teacher and our guide for all things Ivoclar Vivadent. Like many of our employees, she’s been with us for the long haul! At this point, Janele has been a familiar face around the Ivoclar Vivadent North American headquarters for 21 years.

She remembers her first day at Ivoclar Vivadent because it was at once scary and exciting. She didn’t know anyone, but all of the smiling faces lessened her anxiety. We’re all about creating a company culture of inclusivity and friendliness.

Over the course of her career, she’s held many different positions. Most recently, she has been training other employees to be more effective and improve their job performance. It’s a challenging task to train many different people who all have different personalities and needs, but it’s important work. Janele believes, as we do, that exquisite products mean nothing if the people who create them aren’t satisfied and bringing their best selves to their tasks.

Janele loves enhancing her own education just as much as she is devoted to helping others with theirs. Because of the tuition reimbursement program at Ivoclar, she was able to get her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. This has given her the skills and confidence to continue excelling at what she does best.



Ivoclar Vivadent is About the People

Looking at Ivoclar Vivadent from the outside, you can only get a glimpse into the various people and processes that endeavor to provide you the highest quality products. That’s why we’ve developed this series to shine a light on the individuals who come to work every day excited to generate excellent clinical materials and technology.

Ivoclar Vivadent employees are unique and diverse in both their interests and approaches to their professions. One thing they all have in common is their passion for what they do. It’s so important to us that we support them in their vision for Ivoclar Vivadent and showcase how excited we are about their success wherever we can.

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