By Dr. Pete Gardell

A simple trip – say to the grocery store — is one where a great deal of thought on how to efficiently execute the route has not been necessary. We know with fair certainty which streets will have the least congestion and which traffic lights are the quickest to change in order to get us to the store in the least amount of time. We also know through experience about how long the checkout lines will be at certain times of the day. Our understanding of a known world allows us to make wise choices that increase efficient use of our valuable time.


Now imagine that same trip to the grocery store in a bumper car. With no organized streets and pathways to the end destination, there is zero chance you could count on any type of flow or rhythm to the shopping experience. It is impossible to be organized and efficient in a disorganized world.

Today, many of us are experiencing the bumper car scenario as we restart our practices after the forced shutdown from the Coronavirus Pandemic. The world is different now. It is not as simple as turning the practice switch back to the “On” position.

We must create a workflow that ensures the safety of our staff and patients during the entire treatment experience. Steps as simple as removing clutter from the waiting room and operatory help create the perception and reality of a safe environment. Also critical to the success of reopening is to evaluate our treatment methods to assess whether we are as efficient as we could be in our treatment process. Can we improve our treatment efficiencies which, in turn, will improve our profitability and help us rebound from the cash flow disruption during the shutdown? The answer is yes!

Direct resin restorations are a large percentage of the procedures performed in a general dentist’s office. It is also an area where many of us have picked up bad habits over the years that decrease our efficiency.

Movements and reactions—Kinetics. Understanding the kinetics in your office will help increase your treatment efficiency and re-establish business profitability in this new Post Corona World.

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About Dr. Peter Gardell, DDS


PGHeadshot2016Dr. Peter Gardell graduated NYU College of Dentistry 1989 and has a technology based practice with an emphasis on esthetics in Stamford CT. Cerec has been in use in the office since 2005, Galileos was added in 2010.

Dr Gardell holds a Faculty position with and is an instructor for the Cerec Accept Program.

Dr Gardell has been involved with testing for various manufacturers of restorative and implant products.

Dr Gardell is a basic and advanced trainer for the Cerec System, helping those who have brought cad cam technology into their office become proficient and profitable with it. This goal of making dentistry more efficient for the practitioner applies to more than CadCam. It is the driving force in creating hands- on courses spanning from direct resin restorations ( E3 Composite) to Implant Restorations ( The Missing Tooth) to Printing in the Dental Office.

He has authored articles and lectured on topics ranging from integration of technology in the dental office, materials, orthodontics, restorative and implant dentistry.

Dr Gardell is the Founder of Education in the Elements. A company providing world class education in fun and exciting locations for dentists



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