By Dr. Pete Gardell

The direct resin restoration is the cornerstone for most general dentist offices. Our patients like the esthetics of white fillings when restoring teeth damaged by decay. With proper technique you, the dentist, can create something that has longevity and you can be proud of.

Over the years, we have seen many advancements designed to overcome the material’s liabilities, but these refinements have been in a focused manner:

  • Adding the ability to light cure, extending placement time.
  • Changing the type and size of the fillers incorporated, improving the final luster at delivery and also over years of function
  • Changes in the resin composition to mitigate the polymerization shrinkage, decreasing sensitivity and extending the usable life of the restoration.
  • Improving the shades and translucencies available, making restorations that are not just “white” but life-like.
  • Improvements in curing light technology, affording controlled shortening of the treatment time.
  • Redesigning instruments for sculpting, cutting down on the manipulations required through optimized shapes and non-stick surfaces.
  • Improvements in polishing technology, creating abrasives which have the ability to bring restorations from a matte finish to a high luster in one step. This saves time and also more importantly from a business perspective money.

Many advances over the years that have helped the restorative dentist, but they all were done in a piecemeal manner. There has not been a systematic approach to improving the most vital of restorations performed in a General Dentist’s office- the direct resin restoration.

The 3S PowerCure System is proving to be the systematic advancement to composites. The shortcomings of the material have been identified and solutions formulated from start to finish. The material has been redesigned to cure faster, to be harder and without the negative side effects of sensitivity or premature marginal breakdown. To facilitate this, a new Polywave high intensity curing light has been created to work with this new chemistry (along with other light cured materials you use in your office). Up to 4mm layers cured in 3 seconds adds up to noticeable savings in your treatment time.

Figure 1

3 universal shades (IVA, IVB, and IVW) cover the spectrum required for posterior restorations, limiting the inventory you need to keep on hand. Three shades each of Tetric PowerFlow and Tetric PowerFill simplify your armamentarium, less stress for staff and yourself, less money sitting in your cabinet.  This system also features Ascencio Technology which offers a chameleon effect allowing for restorations that blend in to the patient’s natural tooth structure while the chain transfer agent has stress relieving properties to combat the shrinkage forces of polymerization.

Image 3

Uncured IVW PowerFlow in place.
The transparency allows to visualize the adaptation

Image 4

Cured IVW PowerFlow in place.
The Assencio technology changes the opacity of the material as it cures

Optrasculpt instruments have turned out to help with the procedure by easing the manipulation of the material. No longer does one have to resort to dipping a plastic instrument in bonding agent (and it’s associated shortcomings), the non-stick surface sculpts anatomy leaving a smooth surface. This surface is then finish off with Optrapol polishers which brings the final restoration to a high luster quickly with just one step.

Image 2Pre-op picture of a failing resin restoration in a Mandibular Right Second Molar


Image 5

The final restoration after finishing with OptraPol points

To be fast is one thing, but if it occurs by introducing errors or weaknesses no one wins. When a treatment is re-evaluated in its entirety and a total solution is created from the ground up, there is great potential for advancement. This was the need identified and the 3S PowerCure System has proven to be the solution in my office.

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