By: Lisa Eisensmith

As the senior marketing manager for filling materials at Ivoclar Vivadent for the past 12 years, I have learned a tremendous amount about resin based filling materials; their indications, mechanical and physical properties, their handling characteristics, and their esthetic qualities. 

I am fortunate in my many years of bi-annual dental checkups that I have not required any significant restorative dental work.  That being said, I have never "loved my smile", as we say in the industry.  I am also slightly phobic when it comes to the thought of voluntary prosthetic dentistry for the sake of improving the look of my smile.

After much debate and recommendations, I decided to get clear orthodontic aligners to straighten my teeth. I went to a practicing orthodontist rather than a general practitioner because I knew I was going to have a multitude of questions and ortho is their specialty!

Based on several recommendations, I chose Dr. Darren Forcier from Forcier Orthodontics in Clarence, NY.  My initial consultation was on December 13, 2017 where I stated I "wanted a straighter smile without fixed prosthodontics".

The next visit was my scan.  I was "wowed" by the digital scanner he used in the office.  I have had traditional impressions taken in the past and even as someone without a gag reflex, I would rather skip traditional impressions.  I also liked how the software allowed me to get an idea of what my teeth would look like after my 54 week treatment.

However, here is where I really got interested in the process.  The attachments, all 14 of them! 

Dr. Forcier had been using a different resin-based composite material for his orthodontic attachments but had confided in me that he had switched to Tetric EvoCeram (Translucent shade).  This brought a spacey and crooked smile to my face.

Smile with attachment

I began asking a battery of questions for Dr. Forcier at this point from "what were you using?", "why did you switch to Tetric EvoCeram", "are there benefits to both you and your patients?", etc.  Dr. Forcier told me that the shade match to virtually any natural tooth is the best, that the material did not wear or stain and that the benefit to both himself and his patients is that he rarely has to replace the attachments when he uses Tetric EvoCeram.  That was not always the case with his former material.

Additionally, Tetric EvoCeram (Translucent shade) is the material of choice for attachments and buttons for one of the leading clear aligner manufacturers based on their testing. 

I knew that I represented something special in Tetric EvoCeram, and know I am living proof of that!  If you place clear aligners with attachments or buttons, I invite you to learn about Tetric EvoCeram here: or contact your Ivoclar Vivadent Sales Representative for more information.

Lisa EisensmithLisa Eisensmith is a Senior Marketing Manager at Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. With her extensive experience in marketing, she's responsible for all composites and amalgam marketing activities in North America for the past 12 years. Lisa received her Business Administration degree from Edinboro University and her Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Medaille College.