A classic celebrates its birthday: Tetric EvoCeram®, the universal composite restorative, is marking a decade of clinical use. To date, more than 100 million restorations have been placed with the product. These restorations continue to look esthetic even after a number of years - a fact that has been confirmed by long-term studies. Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill is the latest further development. It additionally contains the innovative, patented light initiator Ivocerin. 

Dr. Eduardo Mahn

Dr Eduardo Mahn

"I have used Tetric EvoCeram® ever since it was launched. It is very reassuring to see that the quality of the restorations continues to be outstanding, even after a number of years. My experiences have been excellent not only with Tetric EvoCeram, but also with its predecessor, Tetric Ceram. Therefore, I expect similar performance using the further developed Tetriv EvoCeram Bulk Fill."

Case 1: 

Eduardo Case 1

Case 2:

Eduardo Case 2

A comparison of the Z250 and Tetric EvoCeram restorations placed in the same tooth revealed clear differences with regard to wear and dimensional stability within a similar wear period. 

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Case 3: 

Eduardo Case 3

Case 4: 

Eduardo Case 4

Case 5

Eduardo Case 5