How often do you use all of the adhesive that’s dispensed in the well? It can be easy to accidentally accumulate extra expenses at your dental practice by not conserving materials where possible. Not only are some materials more prone to wasteful uses, these same materials can also be the most expensive in your practice.

How to Stop Wasting Dental Adhesive

Dispensing adhesive from a bottle generates a ton of waste because there’s often adhesive left in the dispensing well. Also, evaporation of the adhesive solvent occurs every time the cap is removed from the bottle. This creates waste and reduces bond strength.

Significant adhesive is wasted from the unit dose/single dose because the vessels typically contain enough material for three applications. As a result, if you use the vessel for just one application, you could be wasting two-thirds of the adhesive. 

Adhesives are typically the second most expensive material in the dental practice. That’s why it’s so important we avoid wasting them. How then can you stop dispensing more adhesive than is absolutely necessary and decrease the cost of using this material? The answer is simple: Purchase a tool that manages the dispensing process more effectively.

The VivaPen® allows you to dispense only what’s needed directly on the tooth so that there’s virtually no waste! It’s a great solution to a problem that plagues many clinicians.


Because there is virtually no waste, Adhese Universal has the lowest cost per application!

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