SpeedCEM® Plus is a self-adhesive, self-curing composite cement, which can be light cured if desired. It ideally combines high clinical performance and user friendliness. Due to its advanced formulation, the cement is particularly suitable for use with restorations made of zirconium oxide or metal-ceramic as well as the cementation of restorations on implant abutments.

ShearbondExcellent self-cure properties

It can be difficult to light cure a cement evenly and completely through certain restorations. Excellent self-cure properties ensure a sound bond in the cementation of opaque restorations. SpeedCEM Plus generates a strong bond on zirconium oxide, non-precious alloys – for example titanium – and also on dentin, without the need for light curing.

User friendly

The new composite cement is very easy to use. The easy clean-up formula is one of the key features of the cement.

The cement can be tack cured with light, allowing easy removal of excess cement in convenient segments. The cement has flexible applications and can be used in many different situations. It generates a strong bond on wet and on dry dentin in both the self-cure and the light-cure mode. The cement is highly radiopaque and is therefore clearly distinguishable from enamel and dentin. As a result, any remaining excess cement and secondary caries are easy to identify on radiographs.

Efficient process

Due to the self-etching properties of SpeedCEM Plus, phosphoric acid etching and the use of dentin adhesives are unnecessary. An additional primer is not needed in the cementation of restorations made of zirconium oxide or non-precious alloys. This reduces the treatment time as well as the risk of incorrect application. Efficiency and good physical properties significantly con- tribute to the long-term success of the treatment.

Ivoclean is recommended for the efficient cleaning of saliva-contaminated restorations after the try-in.

Key features at a glance

  • Excellent clinical performance in the self-cure mode; ideal for zironium oxide and metal- ceramic restorations
  • User friendly handling and easy clean-up of excess
  • Fast and efficient process comprising only one component