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By Dr. Caroline Thomas
Palmetto Dental Associates
Lexington, SC

Thomas_HeadshotThe 3s Bluephase PowerCure system by Ivoclar Vivadent has truly spoiled me! Seriously, I can no longer function as quickly and as effectively without it, and it is now my go-to light! One of my assistants handed me the regular curing light the other day and the 20 seconds required seemed like an eternity. I am able to finish my restorations at least one-two minutes faster now which is perfect for the new COVID-19 protocols.

Yes, at first I was very skeptical of a 3 second cure. I wanted to see studies and data. I asked my sales rep many, many questions. But after testing it on a few plastic teeth to verify depth of cure, I took it to the mouth and haven’t looked back. I am now totally convinced of its effectiveness.

I’ve also been quite impressed by the aesthetics of the Tetric PowerFill composite. On my Class II fillings, I like to place a little flowable in the box and then put packable on top of it, condensing and then curing them both at the same time. This is where Tetric PowerFlow comes in. I first place a tiny bit of PowerFlow along the margins of the box and then put PowerFill packable composite on top of it and cure my wall. I then place more PowerFlow along the floor of the prep and cure. Finally, I finish the occlusal portion with the PowerFill packable composite. For Class II fillings, once I remove the sectional matrix band, I cure once more for 3 seconds, just for peace of mind since I use non-transparent metal bands.


The PowerFill composite is not sticky at all and has a nice body to it. Personally, I like to warm my composite, so I love that PowerFill can also be warmed. It flows and adapts very nicely.

The 3 second cure applies to the Adhese Universal Vivapen bond, as well as to the Tetric PowerFlow and Tetric PowerFill composites. The NEW Tetric Prime can be cured in 5 seconds on the Bluephase PowerCure's Turbo setting.  It offers a beautiful natural chameleon effect.

Bluephase® PowerCure

A really cool feature of the PowerCure light is the Polyvision Technology…if you or your assistant stray from the tooth while curing, the light vibrates and beeps, letting you know you need to reposition and it automatically extends the exposure time by 10%.

Thomas_PowercureThe 3 second mode cures at a light intensity of 3,000 mW/cm2 and the Polywave LED covers the entire wavelength range between 385 – 515 nm, which means it can cure anything! The wide 10 mm light top provides homogenous light distribution that can cure an MOD filling in one shot. Tetric PowerFill is best indicated for Class I and II restorations in the posterior teeth so it is my first choice for all back teeth. For anterior teeth, I use Empress Direct composite paired with the 5 second Turbo cure mode.

The 5 second Turbo mode has a 2,000 mW/cm2 wavelength and is indicated for curing IPS Empress Direct as well as the Tetric-Line. It can be used in all Class I-V fillings as well as for indirect restorations (per mm of ceramic and per surface).

The 10s High mode has a 1200 mW/cm2 wavelength and can be used for all direct and indirect restorations.

One of my favorite settings on the 3s PowerCure light is the 2 second PreCure mode which cures at 950mW/cm2 and is great for tacking Variolink Esthetic. This tack mode leaves the excess cement neither too hard nor too soft…just right for easy clean up!

During this time of COVID-19, I now have such a peace of mind knowing that I am in and out of the mouth much faster thanks to using the 3s PowerCure light.

Give it a try! It is WELL worth the money, and I know you will love it as much as I do!