Ivotion Banner_KukuckaAn article by Eric Kukucka DD, The Denture Center, Windsor, Ontario, Canada


What is an innovation?

Innovation is defined as the introduction of something new, a new idea, method, or device.

“Disruption” is a word you tend to hear frequently these days, especially in reference to the digital economy. Contrary to the word’s negative connotations, when disruption leads to improvement, it’s actually a positive. Disruption is a process in which existing ways of doing business (products, technologies, services) are replaced and sometimes driven out of use by new technologies. Two examples of disruptive innovations are Uber, which changed the conventional taxi industry, and Netflix, which has rendered traditional video stores virtually obsolete.


The Digital Denture Process is an excellent example of disruptive innovation to digital dentistry that has evolved over the past 5 years with more than 1,000,000 cases designed on 3Shape Dental Systems. Digital dentures is no longer a concept, but rather a ground-breaking reality. The Ivotion Digital Denture system provides both the clinician and dental laboratory with a controlled workflow for predictable digital denture excellence. Optimized to work cohesively from a clinical and technical standpoint, the process offers benefits that translate directly to the end user (the patient). What we have witnessed over the years of implementing digital denture technology is an increase in production by over 50% and a reduction in post operative appointments by 78%.

Ivoclar Vivadent further qualifies a product as innovative if it is easy to use and highly efficient. Process efficiency means fewer clinical appointments and fewer manual working steps, resulting in natural, life-like esthetics, patient-specific functional dentures with the ability to shape and morph the denture teeth, highly efficient manufacturing, and high quality optimal results for the patient. At the heart of the Ivotion Denture System is the new Monolithic Ivotion Disc. One disc. One process. One Denture. Combining proven high-quality tooth and denture base materials in a single bi-color disc, Ivotion provides digital dental laboratories with an efficient, predictable, monolithic milling solution that offers true innovation in the world of digital dentistry. The driving factor behind this innovation was to make the production of digital dentures as efficient as possible for a laboratory. The monolithic Ivotion milling disc features unique Shell Geometry, a data-based three-dimensional tooth and dental arch structure suitable for the rapid digital fabrication of removable complete dentures. Based on the data of time-tested complete dentures to create this geometry, this technology is truly changing patients lives. Today's removable prosthetics patients are very proud to share both their smiles and their stories. Take a look at the photo gallery below of patients whose lives and smiles have been changed by digital denture technology.





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