There’s value in considering how and why patients decide to approach your practice for dentures. When marketing to this demographic, it’s important to remember the human factor.

Denture Patients Want Proof

A materials-focused marketing approach relies on the likelihood that a patient interested in dentures wants a dentist as invested in the quality of the result as they are (even more so than the average patient). With dentures, patients want to know ahead of time that you’re devoted to providing them with something life-changing.

They’re not looking for okay. They’re looking for the best that they can afford.

This is where being very clear about your favored materials comes into play. Amy, a woman in her 30s with a history of declining dental health and one of our Removable Dentures ‘Success Stories,’ is a perfect example of how putting materials at the forefront of your treatment vision can make all the difference.

Materials & Intentions Matter

Amy had a difficult history involving a car accident and severe acid reflux, all of which left her only 11 teeth and a removable partial denture she wouldn’t wear. When she sought out options to alleviate her discomfort, she went to the Internet first. There, she found hope in the story of a woman named Kristi, who inspired her over time to seek out Phonares II denture teeth.

What we can learn from Amy’s experience is that the material a dentist favored was a primary driver in her decision making process. She’d had bad experiences in the past and had come to believe that materials were a sticking point in whether she would choose to move forward with treatment.

This type of reference point—a patient searching for a dentist based on the advice of a relatable Internet personality—is becoming more and more common. It demonstrates how word of mouth can spread a good reputation.

The Value of Empathy

We need to examine this situation in more depth to understand Amy’s motivations. She wanted to model her experience after an idol (Kristi), who found happiness through the combination of a wonderful dentist, lab, and equally outstanding product.

Amy went through trial and error until she discovered a dentist trained and experienced in using Phonares. Before that, she’d felt her consultations lacked specificity. She was frustrated by the disconnect between the smile she wanted and the options she was offered.

She wanted someone who cared and listened to her concerns, but before any of that, materials were most essential to her.

Focus on choosing products you trust, products you will emphatically offer to patients. Materials you know like the back of your hand. Make them front and center in your marketing, so that when a new denture patient looks into your practice, they see how much you care about every aspect of their experience.