High-quality dentures can have a significant impact on quality of life for the men and women who rely on them. Long lasting, life-like features drastically improve daily comfort and function. 

This is exactly what James Smith experienced when he received his Ivoclar Vivadent Removable Dentures. James is a Marine who fought in the Vietnam War. He had been wearing the same denture for 40 years before he was fitted for new ones.

At one point, the overused denture broke and his only choice was to superglue it back together. Many factors prevented James from getting the dental care he needed …

Hitting Roadblocks at Every Turn

The VA could not provide James with new dentures because he didn't qualify according to the required disability guidelines. Unfortunately, James also has very limited income and does not drive.

All of this combined meant he couldn’t replace his old, malfunctioning dentures. For a long time, he hit roadblocks at every turn and was completely beside himself.

New Hope With Veteran Services

James began working with Veteran Services of Niagara County (New York). The organization assists vets with the return to civilian life, helps them find medical and dental services, provides transportation and ensures many more types of aid.

Veteran Services was immediately determined to get James new teeth. They reached out to an Ivoclar Vivadent employee to see if any clinics offered free or discounted dental work for vets. When the employee contacted a dentist and his associate working with Ivoclar Vivadent, (Dr. Frank Lauciello and Bill Barton, CDT) they were excited to offer James their services free of charge.

Ivoclar Vivadent Removable Dentures Changed James’ Life

James was ecstatic and humbled to receive the life-changing dentures. His exact words when he found out were, “It’s a great day!”

He now has a natural looking smile that fits perfectly and could not be happier with the results. The experience was incredible for everyone involved, from the passionate people in Veteran Services to the Ivoclar Vivadent employees who endeavored to make James’ dream a reality.

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