IPS Empress® CAD

Beautiful Esthetics, Maximum Efficiency, Clinically Proven

For over 20 years, IPS Empress has led the Esthetic Revolution offering clinicians the ability to provide beautiful all-ceramic restorations for their patients.

Clinically Proven

Over 20 years and 30 million restorations make IPS Empress one of the most clinically successful all-ceramic materials in dentistry.

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Beautiful Esthetics

IPS Empress CAD offers over 100 combinations of sizes, shades, and translucencies including a true Multi Layered block to meet and exceed the esthetic demands of your patients.

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IPS Empress CAD in High Translucency is ideal for partial coverage restorations creating a unique chameleon effect allowing an Empress CAD restorations to disappear

IMG_3826.jpg IMG_3905.jpg

Using the Multi Layered Empress CAD Block can transform a smile whether it’s restoring a lateral to enhance a smile…

1-preop4-026389-edited.jpg 9-oneweekpostop1.jpg

Or a full arch to transform a patient’s life.

Gates-Smile-Before-7358.jpg Smile-After-Cropped-7623.jpg

Maximum Efficiency

IPS Empress CAD was one of the first materials that offered the ability to mill, polish, and place. The unique Multi Layered block creates beautiful esthetics glazed or polished. Don’t settle for “good enough” esthetics to be efficient. Efficiency can be beautiful.

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Choose IPS Empress CAD to bring Maximum Efficiency and Beautiful Esthetics to your patients!