10 Years – 99.6% Survival

In dentistry today, there is a multitude of products available to the dentist and dental laboratory for creating crowns.  However, few of these materials have the range of data and research that exists for IPS e.max Lithium Disilicate


Recently, Dr Kenneth Malament, a prosthodontist from Boston, MA published an extensive analysis on the restorative work he has placed throughout his career.  In the last decade, Dr. Malament has amassed statistics on more than 550 patients with IPS e.max Lithium Disilicate restorations and found that, upon follow-up, these units saw a 99.6% success rate over a cumulative 3380 years of total time in situ.

gr2_lrgPercentage of complete-coverage lithium disilicate glass-ceramic restoration failures per year for different teeth. Complete-coverage restoration failures decreased per year from molars to incisors in both arches.
Courtesy of The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry

Dr. Malament's data calculations show an estimated risk of IPS e.max Lithium Disilicate failure at 0.2% per year. No other product in his experience has produced such reliable results.

To read the full Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry report, visit: www.thejpd.org/article/S0022-3913(19)30071-X/abstract

To learn more about IPS e.max, visit www.makeitemax.com 

BONUS VIDEO: Dr. Michael DiTolla discuss the numerous studies conducted on IPS e.max over the last 10+ years.