By: Dr. Lee Ann Brady

I am a staunch believer in taking incredibly accurate diagnostic impressions with VPS material. This grants us the ability to pour extra models as needed for a number of months after we take the impressions, streamlining making occlusal appliances or performing a diagnostic equilibration. Below I demonstrate exactly how easy it is utilizing the Virtual XD Putty system

A couple of technique notes:  I get a very accurate impression of all the teeth in full detail due to the lower viscosity of the Virtual Light Body and pressure from the partially set putty in the tray. It was easier to manage than loading the tray with heavy body and trying to inject the light body over all of the teeth while keeping the tongue and cheeks from wiping it away. The stiffness of the putty keeps it in the tray, so no material extrudes down the patient’s throat making it a more comfortable.

  • Thoroughly dry the teeth before starting impression technique.
  • Be sure to cut off intra-oral tip so that the Light Body can flow quickly into well of impression.
  • Roll from back to front when initially seating putty and again when filled with light body material.
  • Loosen the impression from the posterior with your thumbs on both sides.
  • Recommended for Diagnostic Impression or Invisalign. (Not recommended for restorative master impressions.)

Dr. Lee Ann BradyDr. Lee Ann Brady lives in Phoenix, Arizona and owns Desert Sun Smiles Dental Care, a private restorative practice in Glendale, Arizona. Outside of her private practice, Dr. Brady teaches, presents at meetings internationally, and writes a clinical dental education blog on her website at