When Iain McFarlane joined Ivoclar Vivadent, he arrived at a critical point in the development of digital technologies.

Iain is a technical consultant at Ivoclar Vivadent who has worked as a lab technician and owner for over seventeen years. This background gives him the ability to fully understand the needs and goals of dentistry. 

Iain’s passion is also his job. He helps dentists and dental technicians become better at what they do. He knows how Ivoclar Vivadent products work in a research environment and how they are designed, but he has to consider how they work in a real world environment to ensure the user experience is comfortable and intuitive.

Iain also has to be creative to accomplish that goal and see the product through the customer’s eyes. He makes sure each individual aspect of the user interface is something they will enjoy and appreciate in their practice or lab. This has to translate back to the workplace and improve their success.

The People Behind Ivoclar Vivadent

What happens behind the scenes at Ivoclar Vivadent is just as important as the final product: precise, esthetic materials that help dental professionals achieve their goals. The people of Ivoclar Vivadent are a group of creative and technical individuals, developing tools and processes the dental community will love. 

We’re telling the stories of Ivoclar Vivadent employees because their unique paths and valued skills directly impact the customer experience. They are the minds that bring about new advances while encouraging transformations that push the envelope of clinical success for everyone. They are the backbone of our passion, vision, and innovation.

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