thinking-money-gettyThe big price tag and overall cost of integrating any technology into your practice is a major consideration and sometimes even a stumbling block when formulating an investment strategy.


However, should cost be the single overriding issue? Dr. David Juliani, private practitioner from Rochester, Michigan says “No”, especially when considering the addition of chairside CAD/CAM to the services you provide to your patients. Before dismissing the concept of integrating single-visit dentistry into your practice, he believes you need to consider how CAD/CAM technology will benefit your business, your patients, and your bottom line.


In his article “Integrating CAD/CAM into Your Practice During Uncertain Times: What You Need to Consider Right Now” Dr. Juliani, analyzes the financial considerations and benefits of producing a single crown chairside versus the costs associated with sending that crown to outside production sources. From the lost revenue of the delivery appointment to the value that same day dentistry affords your patients to the potential of attracting new patients, Dr. Juliani explains why it is imperative, especially in today’s uncertain environment, to re-evaluate how best to serve your patients and makes the compelling argument for why you can’t afford NOT to incorporate a chairside CAD/CAM technology into your practice.

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The PM1 Series is a 6 piece series throughout the month of November and December; A Compilation of resources, education, success stories and information all pertaining to the new PrograMill One milling system. Stay tuned for more to come!