With new materials entering the chairside CAD/CAM market every day, it becomes harder for the clinician to choose the best material for their patient. Esthetics, indications and strength are only a few of the factors that need to be considered. Nevertheless, despite how beautiful the restoration is or how much load it can withstand, all doctors want the restoration to last over time. The inconvenience of a failed restoration affects the confidence of the patient and the reliability of the dental practice.

A material with a history of success reinforces the trust from the manufacturer to the clinician to the patient. IPS e.max® CAD combines an innovative material with several years of clinical data. Ivoclar Vivadent has compiled the most pertinent studies into the IPS e.max Scientific Report Volume 2. The report includes several In Vivo and In Vitro studies that range in topics from survival rates to comparisons to other restorative materials.

Below are a few excerpts from the report:

emax_cad_chart1IPS e.max CAD: 97.9% Survival Rate

Six clinical studies (Richter et al., 2009; Nathanson, 2008; Reich et al., 2010; Fasbinder et al., 2010; Bindl, 2011; Sorensen et al., 2009b) with a total of 237 restorations (crowns) showed that 97.9% of the restorations survived after a mean observation period of 3 years. The failure rate of 2.1% includes 0.4% irreparable chipping and 1.7% fractures.


chart2IPS e.max CAD Bridges: 93% Survival Rate

A total of 32 three-unit monolithic IPS e.max CAD bridges placed with a 93% survival rate over 4 years.




IPS e.max CAD offers the latest in all-ceramic technology combined with world-wide clinical success. Make your next restoration with confidence. Make it with IPS e.max CAD.

To read the full version of the IPS e.max Scientific Report Volume 2 click here.