One of the most common questions our clinical territory managers receive is how a new material compares to IPS e.max CAD. Obsidian milling blocks, sold by Zahn Dental, is one of the newest CAD/CAM materials to enter the market. With so many factors to consider, below is a chart that compares a few of the basic features.

  IPS e.max® CAD Obsidian™
Composition 70% lithium disilicate 50% lithium silicate
Clinical Data 97.9% Survival Rate
(mean observation of 6 clinical studies of 4 years)1
Dental Advisor Study focusing on (1) year performance of anterior and pre-molar crowns
Crystallization Time 15 minutes with speed crystallization program in Programat CS/CS2 furnace2 Approximately 30 minutes in standard ceramic furnace3
Flexural Strength 360 MPa2 357 MPa3
Adjustment Protocol Material can be adjusted prior or post crystallization2 Material can be adjusted prior to crystallization only3
Authorized for Use in Sirona Milling Units Yes No
Material Shades/Translucencies 20 A-D and Bleach Shades4 Translucencies(LT, MT, HT, Opal) 14 A-D and Bleach Shades1 Translucency (LT)
Indications Crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, 3-unit bridges, abutments2 Crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays3

IPS e.max CAD is a material that offers efficiency, durability and esthetic options. Make your next restoration with confidence. Make it with IPS e.max® CAD.

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