Goodman Dental Care’s “Donated Dental Day” Brings Beautiful Smiles to Deserving Faces

Over the past five years, Goodman Dental Care in Annapolis, MD has hosted an annual Donated Dental Day where they provide free dental care to patients in need within their community. Among this year’s patients, Danijela, received a smile transformation that left all in tears. Below, Dr. Gary Goodman shares their experience:

Q. What inspired Goodman Dental Care to start Donated Dental Day five years ago?

A.     The decision was three-fold;

  • We wanted to find a meaningful way to celebrate Goodman Dental Care’s 30th anniversary of providing care of Annapolis
  • My son Dr. Jeremy Goodman had just joined the practice and participating in a volunteer program was a great starting experience
  • We were inspired by our years of collaboration with the Stanton Center, an outreach free clinic sponsored by the local hospital (Anne Arundel Medical Center).

Q. What type of services do you provide on the Donated Dental Day?

A.  Goodman Dental Care provides a full range of dental services, include “same-day-crowns” via Planmeca FIT™ CAD/CAM Technology. Patients include community members that live below the federally defined poverty level. With limited income and no dental insurance, these individuals endure long wait lists at free clinics such as the Stanton Center. Treatments include fillings, extractions, crowns, root canal treatments, x-rays, and cleanings

Q.  Can you tell us about Danijela and her treatment plan?

A.  Danijela is from Bosnia and immigrated as a young child with her family to the U.S. in the mid 1990's to flee the Bosnian War. Her family was aided by a local church and we have provided their dental care over the last 20 years. Danijela was missing her upper right central incisor, which was replaced by a removable acrylic partial.  There was insufficient bone available for implant placement, so we felt she would be a great candidate for a fixed bridge. By combining the technologies of the Planmeca FIT™ CAD/CAM System and IPS e.max® CAD we could accomplish the entire treatment process on Donated Dental Day.

Q.  Can you describe her same day process?

A.  Danijela arrived at 8:30 am and we proceeded to prep, scan, design, mill and characterize her new IPS e.max® CAD restoration. We bonded the bridge in place with Multilink® Automix Next Generation and at 12:30pm Danijela left with her new smile.

Q.  How did Danijela react to her IPS e.max CAD anterior bridge?

A.  Danijela was overcome with emotion when she saw her new smile for the first time.  Her first comments were, "That is amazing. Now I don't have to be embarrassed that my husband will see me without my front tooth. I've waited so long for this" Her self-esteem has been restored along with her smile.



Q.  How do you feel the Planmeca FIT™ CAD/CAM System has affected your practice?

A.  CAD/CAM dentistry makes a huge impact on our ability to provide donated services to needy patients. It allows us to provide crown and bridge services in one day without any laboratory expense. In addition to Danijela, we provided single crowns to some of the Stanton Center patients that would otherwise not have access to.