By Dr. David Rice

Technology + incredible materials = very happy patients + you and I looking very...very good!

Here's a case you and I see all day, every day. Old amalgam, recurrent decay...prep, composite build up,  refine prep...and go!

Old School:

1. Two appointments

2. Delicious impressions

3. Cautious eating and home care x 2 weeks

New School:

1. One hour

2. Simple scan

3. Go home and treat it as your own

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So what are the 3 C's?

 1. Clinical Excellence

When it comes to precision and beauty, CEREC and IPS e.max CAD are an unbeatable team.

 2. Convenience

Just like you and I, our patients are pressed for time.  One hour ... one day out of the numb lip... one happy patient... and one happy dental practice.

 3. Creating Missionaries

Content patients are happy to see us.  Thrilled patients share our message.  Looking to grow?  To be THE GO TO practice in town ... look no further.

Live the 3 C's! Unite today's top technology with today's top restorative material.